CEO Greetings



CEO Woo Dug Hyun
Smart Engineering Leader
Nongshim engineering of the 4th industrial revolution and industrial 4.0 manufacturing innovation!
Nongshim Engineering was established as a food & pharmaceutical engineering company in 1997 as a subsidiary of Nongshim, Korea No.1 food company. Nongshim Engineering has been offering comprehensive solutions for plant construction and carrying out global projects covering not only Korea but also all of the world based on the best technology and cost competitiveness.

Valuing human and environments, Nongshim Engineering became Smart Engineering Leader of the 4th industrial revolution offering comprehensive technology service for food & pharmaceutical plant automation technology, specialized logistics system including MDPS, automated ware house, smart factory-based on IT solution, renewable energy solutions, world-class X-Ray/Vision inspection system and construction service for plants & logistics centers.

Nongshim Engineering will provide the best price and competitive service service realizing customer impression beyond satisfaction.
Thank you.