Hyper-Intellisense Inspection System​

Hyper-Intellisense Inspection System​ is a high-level inspection equipment that can identify foreign substances, impurities, compositions and qualities of products through spectrum analysis at specific wavelength ranges.

Hyper-Intelligence inspection technology, is able to detect foreign substances or defects that are not eye-visible by analyzing the spectrum at specific wavelength ranges. Detection is based on the chemical composition of the object and it also, enables real-time monitoring of product quality information on the production line.


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Applicable Fields of HYPER-INTELLISENSE

Agricultural & Food​

  • Foreign substances inspection/Specific component content inspection/Quality inspection etc.


  • Heterogeneous​/Counterfeit/Component Analysis etc.


  • Recycling plastic sorting inspection/Plastic classification by components
  • Used clothing / Textile​ sorting inspection etc.


  • Batteries’ external defect inspection (electrolyte inspection)
  • Battery component and raw material inspection

Meat Processing

  • Product surface contaminants/Chicken breast defect/Bone inspection/Fat content analysis etc.


  • Mineral classification by components/Foreign matter inspection in poly silicon etc.

Advanced, Fast & Best Solution Provider

HYPER-INTELLISENSE® is a high-level inspection technology that utilizes spectrum analysis to detect and remove invisible defects in real-time. It is a non-contact analysis technique based on chemical composition, enabling fast and improved inspection performance compared to former methods

In HYPER-INTELLISENSE® analysis utilizes 3D image data obtained by dividing light into different wavelength ranges. Therefore, it is possible to analyze data with more accuracy by obtaining much more detailed and abundant data compared to the normally line scan optical cameras in the market.

HYPER-INTELLISENSE® is an expanded version of spectroscopic analysis, which was previously used in laboratory settings for material composition analysis. It allows obtaining numerous images and spectral data in a single measurement and by objects can be classified based on their unique characteristics.

Through the advancement of hardware capable of processing massive amounts of data at high speeds, new applications are emerging for monitoring and classifying products. With the HYPER-INTELLISENSE® inspection technology, unseen foreign substances or defects in objects can be previously detected based on their chemical composition. Also the real-time monitoring of product quality information is possible on the production line.

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