Hyperspectral Complex Inspection System : HIS-6000D

With the latest inspection technology and special software solutions, we guarantee the world's No.1 detection
performance and further upgrade the level of foreign substances and quality control.

• X-RAY : Screening foreign substances with density differences

• VISION : Screening foreign substances with distinct color differences

• HYPERSPECTRAL : Screening foreign substances with chemical composition differences

Industry's first high-level inspection equipment combined with X-ray, Vision, hyperspectral technology


  • High-performance screening through analysis of spectral differences according to the chemical composition of the products and foreign substances.
Original image
Hyperspectral analysis
Image of classifying foreign substances from products


  • Significant improvement in detection performance compared to other inspection equipment
  • High accuracy screening of defects or foreign substances that are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye
Description Metal Glass Stone Plastic Rubber Wood Paper Cloth Worm
metal-screw glasses rocks plastic rubber wood paper cloth ladybug
Metal detector O X X X X X X X X
X-RAY machine O O O X X X X X X
Laser sorter O O O O
Hyperspectral combined sorter O O O O O O O O O
Description Specifications
Camera Hyperspectral Camera & Color Camera
Lighting Halogen Light
X-ray generator 80kV
X-ray detector Line Scan
Computer system i7 CPU / 4GB RAM / 128G SSD / 1T HDD / Windows 7
Display 15” Color TFT LCD Touch Monitor
Belt width 640mm
Belt speed Max. 150m/min
Rejector Air Jet Type (60 nozzles)
Required air volume 1,500L/min
Processing capacity Max. 400kg/h (Based on dried carrots)
Power 230VAC, Three phase, 60Hz / 10kW
Dimension 3,240mm(L) x 1,200mm(W) x 2,255mm(H)
Top view
Front view
Side view



Top view
Front view
Side view